Wayne Roberts Obituary, Wayne Roberts Has Died

Wayne Roberts Obituary, Death Cause – My Dad. My dad. My personal therapist when needed. My shoulder to cry on. The one who always helps. Who made me with my beautiful and intelligent granny. He always loved me. This day was anticipated and prepared for. Even if I try, it breaks my heart. I find comfort in knowing he passed quietly and is now with my loving grandma, honoring their life together. My grandparents gave me wonderful memories to share with my kids. The endless wheelbarrow rides in the backyard while granny tried to rest ended in her garden as we giggled. Spitting out watermelon seeds or picking snap peas from the garden.

You sang your favorite tunes on gorgeous drives knowing I loved them. Dad played your CD and summer of 69 or the tequila song when I needed a vacation from school. Sitting silently would get him to yell tequila. Walking on the roof upside-down laughing forever. You and grandma sat with me in the living room during midnight thunderstorms. Grandma would say nana bowling and count thunder and distance. Fighting over the butt ends of my grandma’s bread from the night before. Grandpa would read books or newspapers with coffee and toast at one end of the table and grandma at the other in front of the bathroom door.

as drinking tea or hot chocolate with my toast, the comics granddad would prevent me from dipping their toast into their coffees as they were lost in their worlds. Grandpa leading me down the aisle. Enjoy their great-grand girls and cherished our last with all their affection for Grandma and him. The list continues… I felt safe and loved with both grandparents. I’m terrified to live this crazy life without them, but I’ll always love and remember them. Grandpa, I adore you and you’re at peace. Live well with your parents, siblings, and most importantly grandma. I appreciate being your granddaughter and having the best upbringing possible! One for money, two for preparedness, and three for life without you I’ll always consider you my granddad. Grandpa Roberts October 3, 1951–September 5, 2023

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