Unusual Pregnancy Comments From Kourtney Kardashian

During her pregnancy, Kourtney Kardashian is satisfying all of her cravings, both minor and major. In a recent Instagram Story video, the Kardashians actress provided an update on her pregnancy and discussed how much she loved food. Kourtney added that she will postpone taking the pill herself in order to fully enjoy her pregnancy.

She was promoting Lemme Curb, the latest recent product in her line of nutritional supplements that aid with sugar cravings. In a TikTok video, she stated, “As a pregnant woman, I will not be taking Lemme Curb—all of my cravings are very wanted.” “I want all of them.” Kourtney has undoubtedly been in full chew mode. This week, the 44-year-old gave her followers an inside glimpse at her pregnancy diet. Travis Barker, her husband, and she are expecting a son.

The caption for an image of mashed avocado and toasted seaweed snacks said, “Top snack right now.” It was an excellent source of vitamin B12. Kourtney also revealed that she alternates between four different teas. She captioned a shot of an iced brown beverage, “One each day.” Nettle leaf tea is today’s anti-inflammatory beverage.

Poosh’s founder has been updating her followers on her pregnancy diet and posting photos of her expanding baby belly on social media. On July 12, Kourtney was spotted carrying what appeared to be a smoothie bowl next to her stomach in an Instagram snap from her recent trip to Hawaii. “Still beaming with joy from the l week I had taking 7 girls to Hawaii to celebrate my daughter’s birthday,” the actress wrote in a second post. The tweet also included photos of the actress in a black bikini baring her stomach. We respect memories that last “beyond bounds.” Continue reading to find out how Kourtney is doing.

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