Tricia Vacanti Obituary Lewiston NY, Tricia Vacanti Has Died

Tricia Vacanti Obituary Lewiston NY, Tricia Vacanti Has Died

Tricia Vacanti Obituary, Death Cause – The woman who was suspected of providing alcohol and marijuana to at least three adolescent girls, who subsequently claimed that they were sexually abused in her home, which was known among local teens as the “Lewiston Party House,” has passed away. The woman’s home was known among local teens as the “Lewiston Party House.” However, the specific events that led up to Tricia Vacanti’s passing are, at best, still shrouded in mystery.¬†When the case against Vacanti, her husband, and a neighbor is scheduled to return to Lewiston Town Court on August 2, the prosecutors from Niagara County, who had originally charged Vacanti, 51, with 41 counts of unlawfully dealing with a minor and endangering the welfare of a child, have indicated that they will seek details about her demise at that time.

District Attorney Brian Seaman stated that he had “heard that she has passed,” but his office has not been formally notified of Vacanti’s death. Vacanti was a prosecutor in the county. Seaman stated that his office will ask for the circumstances surrounding Vacanti’s death to be “explained” during the next proceeding before Town Court Justice Hugh Gee. Seaman claimed that his office would ask for this. The information was obtained by the Gazette through a Freedom of Information Act request. It was discovered that on July 3, at 2:36 p.m., Lewiston police were summoned to the home that Vacanti shared with her husband, Gary Sullo, at 620 Mountain View Drive. The call came in as a “assist EMTs” call, according to the Lewiston police department. According to a statement made to the Gazette by a captain of the Lewiston Police Department, officers responded to the call and found Vacanti “being loaded into an ambulance.

The captain said that Vacanti “was alert and talking to the EMTs” before he was sent to Mount St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment. The Lewiston police department stated that they were informed that Vacanti “had passed away” “a couple of days later.” For the time being, it is unknown what transpired after Vacanti was removed from her house by EMS and sent to a medical facility. The Gazette has not been able to determine whether or not Vacanti was ever treated at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital, nor can they confirm whether or not she ever arrived there. The Niagara County Coroner Laura Sweney-Goodlander, who apparently oversaw the processing of Vacanti’s death, declined to provide any information when the Gazette attempted to get in touch with her.

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