Tarek Swelim Obituary, Tarek Swelim Has Passed Away

Tarek Swelim Obituary, Death Cause – We would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt condolences to Dr. M. Tarek Swelim’s family, friends, and colleagues on the death of such a cherished person. Dr. M. Tarek Swelim was an Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at our university, and he died away on September 2, 2023. Art history was Dr. Swelim’s area of expertise, and he was widely respected as an academic. He worked at CIS for close to a decade, during which time he was the primary force behind the conception and implementation of the Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism program, which is still in existence today.

During this time, he was also the primary force behind the conception and execution of the Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism program. Dr. Swelim was a kind professor who mentored his pupils. He was also an educator who was dedicated to providing places for students and alumni who were dedicated to discussing or improving their work. Dr. Swelim’s research mostly centered on the Islamic and Roman architecture of Egypt. People will remember Dr. Swelim most for his one-of-a-kind attractiveness, unabashed wit, and infectious enthusiasm. These are the qualities that he projected more than anything else.

We beseech Allah to bestow upon him the highest honors in paradise, and we pray that he will find the serenity he has been searching for with all of his heart. During this trying time, we want the family and friends of Dr. Swelim to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. Everyone who ever had the honor of being able to refer to him as a friend will look back on him with a great deal of fondness.

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