Perry Matheson Missing, Help Find Missing Perry Matheson

Perry Matheson Obituary, Death Cause – On September 3rd, 1993, a quiet town in Barre, Vermont, was rattled by the sudden and mysterious disappearance of 51-year-old Perry Matheson. Perry left his residence that fateful morning, seemingly like any other day, but he never returned. The investigation into his vanishing would uncover a chilling twist, marking this case as one of the most enigmatic mysteries in the region. The story takes a haunting turn with the discovery of Perry’s burned vehicle in the rugged and remote terrain of the White Mountain National Forest. The charred remnants of his car only deepened the intrigue surrounding his disappearance.

What could have led to his car being set ablaze in such an isolated location? Despite the passage of nearly three decades, Perry Matheson remains a missing person, and the search for answers continues. Authorities have tirelessly pursued leads, interviewed potential witnesses, and explored every possible avenue to unravel this perplexing puzzle. Yet, the mystery of Perry Matheson’s disappearance persists, shrouded in unanswered questions.

The Vermont State Police continue to seek the public’s assistance in solving this cold case. Anyone with information related to Perry Matheson’s disappearance is urged to contact the Berlin office at 802-229-9191. Perry’s family and the community still hold onto hope that one day, the truth behind his vanishing will finally come to light, offering closure to a decades-long mystery that continues to haunt the town of Barre.

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