Patrick Leroy Obituary, Patrick Leroy Has Passed Away

Patrick Leroy Obituary, Death Cause – On September 3, a hit-and-run on Hendersonville Road resulted in the death of a cyclist. The 34-year-old victim was named by the Asheville Police Department (APD) on Monday. His name is Patrick Jeffery Leroy. Leroy was struck head-on by a blue sedan that was using the median turn lane to pass another vehicle, said APD. Leroy’s crumpled bicycle came to rest more than two lanes distant in the Arden Square Plaza parking lot, according to video taken at the incident, which also shows a sneaker close to automobile debris in the median. Wail Saleh stated, “I just noticed the police outside, and I peeked out the window and saw the bike on the ground.

Saleh works in the plaza’s smoking shop. He claimed that cops spent around four hours outdoors looking into the matter. “It’s an innocent man just riding a bike around and he just hit him like that and drive off, he should have at least stopped,” Saleh added. The use of a median to pass another vehicle is prohibited by APD, but Mike Sule, executive director of Asheville on Bikes, believes that the prohibition extends farther. Sule remarked, “It’s really selfish.” “I genuinely feel like I have to do it because I’m circling this automobile. It’s a pretty egotistical move. Sule was disappointed by the news, but not shocked. Sule remarked, “This keeps happening over and again and over in Asheville.

We have held the top spot in North Carolina for the past 15 years for pedestrian and cyclist fatalities and injuries. A hit-and-run is different from an accident, Sule remarked. It gets worse, Sule remarked. “Leaving someone for dead quite literally makes it less humane,” The driver was found late on Sunday night, but APD reports that neither he nor she has been charged or arrested for the fatal hit-and-run. Sule remarked, “We have to send a message that this behavior is not acceptable. Eight percent of Asheville residents don’t own vehicles, and they deserve reliable, secure transit options. It’s not just about individuals traveling quickly in cars, though.

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