Oscar De La Hoya gave Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler permission to raise Atiana because:

Oscar De La Hoya has said that Travis Barker is a good father. The boxer recently thought about why he wasn’t there when Atiana was growing up and how the Blink 182 drummer changed her life at age 24. In the 20th episode of the Allison Interviews podcast, Oscar said, “I basically ran away.” I was terrified.

I was terrified. I tried to give my whole life to being a dad for a few great years. But during those times, he became more and more negative. The 50-year-old also said, “It was great to raise a young child, but at some point you start to think, “Wait a minute. You haven’t done anything to earn this. Because of what I went through as a child, you try to tell yourself that you don’t deserve this and that love isn’t possible in your life if you don’t get that attention. He also talked about where he grew up and how that affected him.

My father has never told me, “I love you.” “My mother never showed me any signs of love,” Oscar said. She never gave me a real hug. If I started to cry, she would start hitting me. Things were very bad. Due to his stress, the current heavyweight champion thought that Travis and Shanna, who had been married for four years but split up in 2008, should raise Atiana.

The artist and former beauty queen’s parents are Landon, who is 19, and Alabama, who is 17. Oscar told us we were fooling ourselves if we thought we couldn’t be loved. Then you start to feel sorry for yourself. When you feel lost, you can’t tell your life where to go. All you want to do is drink, get high, and leave. I was lucky that I could keep my cuffs on during the whole boxing match.

I’ve always thought that I don’t deserve love or happiness. This doesn’t mean he never talked to his daughter; it just means they didn’t have the same connection. He said that as a father, he was “there,” but he wasn’t. Because the parents were always there, it was different from any other kind of connection. Even though legally that wasn’t true, I will always love her as my daughter.

Your worry is what made you reach out. I thought that we were still linked no matter how far apart we were, but I wasn’t sure if I was good enough for the job. Oscar is happy to see that Atiana can make a good change in her own life now that she is an adult. After being admitted into the Hall of Fame in June 2022, he told E! News, “I love it.” I’ve always wished the best for her. Every father wants the best for his daughter. So, I do everything I can for her and am always with her.

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