Mistaken for Ethan Slater, the voice actor for SpongeBob’s voice says his wife is not dating Ariana Grande.

There are two SpongeBobs, not just one like there is only one under the water, and Ariana Grande is only dating one of them. Some fans thought that Jill Talley, a pop singer, was dating Tom Kenny, the actor who played the Nickelodeon cartoon sponge for more than 20 years, until Jill Talley set the record straight.

Does Ariana Grande now go out with SpongeBob? The Cut asked this as an Instagram question on July 20. It made people confused. The SpongeBob in question is Ethan Slater, who plays the original SpongeBob in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical and is Ariana Grande’s co-star in the new Wicked movie. People says that she wrote on Facebook, “Hi, I’m married to Tom Kenny, who voices SpongeBob on the TV show.” Ariana Grande is not his girlfriend.

I can’t say for sure, but I think that Ethan Slater, who played SpongeBob on the show, is dating Ariana Grande. But I really like them together because they are both so cute. I just wanted to clear things up. In fact, Jill and Tom’s date was the same day this nautical news came out. The voice actress wrote, “PS: As for me and Tom Kenny, we are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary today,” with a red heart emoji.

A few days before the news of Ariana and Ethan’s relationship came out, the “7 Rings” singer and Dalton Gomez decided to end their two-year marriage. A source told E! News on July 20 that the two Wicked actors had just started dating and that Ariana and Dalton “remain friends.” The person also confirmed that Ethan and his wife of four years, Lilly Jay, have split up.

Ethan was nominated for a Tony Award for his work in SpongeBob on Broadway. In the year 2022, their son came into the world. Ariana deleted the pictures of her wedding with Dalton, and Ethan kept his Instagram secret because they haven’t told anyone they’re dating. Before the news of her new relationship got out a few months ago, Ariana wrote a touching letter in which she talked about how working on the musical version had “healed” her.

But she will always be with me, Ariana said in a message sent on April 3 while they were filming. She said, “Savoring every millisecond I have left with my Galinda.” “To be here in Oz, where something life-changing happens every day, and to be changing and fixing parts of myself that I either didn’t know needed it or didn’t know I needed it. Please let it go on forever. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart while I’m still here. Please fill my heart.

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