Michael McEvoy Obituary, A Heartfelt Goodbye

Michael McEvoy Obituary, Death Cause – Chris and Emma here, and we have some really upsetting news to share with you. Our hearts are heavy, and we have tears in our eyes as we do so. During the early hours of Sunday morning, our beloved friend Eileen went away while she was resting comfortably in her sleep. We are all overcome with grief and finding it difficult to come to grips with the terrible loss that has befallen us. Eileen was a wonderful friend who spread cheer and love wherever she went. She was a bright spot in all of our lives. Her contagious laughter and warm heart affected all of us, and the impression that they left on our spirits will never be erased.

She had this amazing capacity to make even the gloomiest of days feel like they had a little more light in them. We are aware that many of you cannot wait to pay your respects and give your last regards to the departed. As soon as information regarding the funeral becomes available to us, we will share it with you. In the meanwhile, let’s get together to commemorate Eileen’s life by telling stories and reminiscing about the wonderful person she was in the past.

The loss of Eileen creates a gap that will never be replaced, but her spirit will continue to be a part of our lives for as long as we can remember her. Emma Davies and Chris Saunders want to express their deepest affection and most sincere condolences to everyone of her family and friends. Let’s get through this trying time by leaning on each other for support and paying tribute to Eileen’s memory in the kindest way we can think of. Dear Eileen, may you finally find some rest. You are going to be sorely missed.

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