Marvin Dunn Obituary, Marvin Dunn Has Passed Away

Marvin Dunn Obituary, Death Cause – Marvin Edward Dunn was killed on August 29, 2023 as a result of a tragic accident that took place in his house on that day. The accident was eventually the cause of his passing. After Marvin’s passing, his two sons, Brian (who is engaged to Chelsea) and Scott (who is married to Jessica and has daughters Lorelei, Kendall, Scarlett, and Sawyer), will be the only ones to carry on his legacy. In addition, he had one sister named Vicky(+) and four brothers named Tim (wife-Hildegard; children Christina (Steffen) and Jennifer (Joshua)), Randall, and Glenn(+). His sister Vicky(+) was the only sibling who was a female. In addition to Christina (Steffen), Tim was also the father of a daughter named Jennifer (Joshua).
Marvin was a devout Christian who also had experience serving in the military of the United States of America. Clay County, Florida was his home at the time. Bowling, Star Trek, and even watching vintage television programs like Gun Smoke were just some of the many activities that he enjoyed doing in his spare time. When his sons were younger, he enjoyed spending time with them playing video games and computer games. He was a diesel mechanic by trade, and he spent several years of his life serving in the Army. After serving his time in the military, Marvin got work in Iraq installing air conditioning systems in Oshkosh military vehicles. He did this after he had completed his obligation.

Another one of his most memorable trips was spent in Germany, where he went with his family to see his other brother Tim and his family. When things slowed down for him, he focused his time to looking after his brother Randall and going to church on a consistent basis. Both Brian and Scott will be responsible for putting together the memorial ceremony that will be held in honor of Marvin. When the information is finally made available to the public, it will also be made available on this website.

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