Martha Mills Obituary, Martha Mills Has Passed Away

Martha Mills Obituary, Martha Mills Has Passed Away

Martha Mills Obituary, Death – Martha Mills, who would have turned 16 on Monday, lost her battle with sepsis and passed away at King’s College Hospital owing to complications from the treatment she got there for the condition. According to the findings of the study, she would be alive and well now if she had been given more appropriate medical care.

A one-of-a-kind interview with Martha’s mother, Merope, has been conducted by the BBC in an official capacity. She said on the program “Today” that was aired on BBC Radio 4 that her family was “not given the full picture” of Martha’s deteriorating condition and that top physicians did not listen to them on numerous occasions, which hindered them from fighting for appropriate medical treatment for Martha. She made these claims in reference to Martha’s illness.

She wants hospitals all over the country to implement “Martha’s rule,” which would give patients, parents, and caregivers the ability to request an urgent second clinical opinion from other professionals working at the same hospital if they have concerns about the treatment that they are receiving at the time. This would be done in the event that the patient has concerns about the treatment that they are receiving.

Martha’s medical treatment was overseen by a trust, and that trust has published a statement expressing its “remaining deep regret that we failed Martha when she needed us the most.” The medical facility that was responsible for Martha’s care has admitted that errors were made, and the trust that handled her care has also issued a statement.

All patients and families are able to seek a second opinion if they have concerns about their care,” a spokesman for the National Health Service (NHS) said in a statement that was made public. It is crucial that the wishes of any patient to seek a second opinion are honored, as stated forth in professional advice for clinicians in England.

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