Lynnette Rodriguez Obituary, Lynnette Rodriguez Has Passed Away

Lynnette Rodriguez Obituary, Death Cause – I am devastated to inform you that my dear mother, Lynnette Rodriguez, died abruptly Sunday September 4. We are broken. This is my worst ache ever. Ironically, my mother lost her mother when she was a year younger than me and 30—the same age as my brother. She understands our feelings best, but she’s not here. I have several queries for her. How did you endure 37 years of pain? Does it improve? My future offspring won’t have you. Should I keep them? My husband has practically guided John and me through grieving a parent daily, and I am so grateful.

I am heartbroken that we share this and awed that he had the strength to tread this journey in his early 20s. Everyday he’s informed us of what could happen, what feelings to expect, and that any manner to mourn is right. The whole family has been helped around the house by him. We cannot have done this without him. My mum lost so much to rheumatoid arthritis, especially in the last decade. I’m encouraged that God has healed her and she can skate, run, hike, and open a can, something I never saw her do. I am thrilled that she can again walk for miles, dance, throw her hands up in the air, eat anything she wants, care for herself, swim far, and be independent.
Instead of condolences, please share your best memories of her so I can read them later. Share your favorite scripture or phrases if you didn’t know her. I cherish these memories: 1) my mother beaming at my wedding 2) my mom in the Bahamas for the first time in 7 years celebrating John’s 30th birthday. Since she’s with her mom again, her inner child is healing. Keep my dad, brother, and me in your prayers. Funeral arrangements are tentatively scheduled on Saturday, September 16.

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