Lynnette Lyric Missing, Desperate Search for Missing Lynnette Lyric

Lynnette Lyric Missing – In a tragic turn of circumstances, Bobbie Lynnette Fletcher is anxiously searching for information on her cousin, Lynnette Lyric, who was last seen on a Thursday night in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Bobbie Lynnette Fletcher’s heart is breaking as she searches for her cousin. As a result of the circumstances, a report of a missing person has been submitted, and her loved ones and friends are waiting with bated breath for any word on her location. Lynnette Lyric is a unique individual that can be recognized due to the distinguishing characteristics she possesses. She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a maximum weight of 135 pounds.

She has a tattoo of a skeleton holding a rose that is located just above her knee, and she has the name “Whitni Battreall” tattooed on the right shoulder. Her hair is cut quite short, which is the trait that most distinguishes her from other people. It is a terrifying ordeal when a loved one goes missing, and Bobbie Lynnette Fletcher is pleading with the general public for any information that may lead to the location of her cousin.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Bobbie or the Abilene Police Department if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Lynnette Lyric or if you have seen her recently. The significance of the assistance and vigilance of the community in situations like these is highlighted by this situation. The Lyric family is not giving up hope and continuing to pray for the safe return of their loved one, Lynnette Lyric. Any aid the general public may provide could make all the difference in reuniting them with their lost family member.

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