Luke Mallon Suicide, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Has Tragically Passed Away

Luke Mallon Suicide, Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy Has Tragically Passed Away

Luke Mallon Suicide, Death Cause – The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and the entire community are mourning the loss of Deputy Luke Mallon, a dedicated law enforcement officer, loving husband, and devoted father. Deputy Mallon, who passed away at the age of 40, leaves behind a wife and two young daughters, ages three and five months. A somber procession was held to honor Deputy Mallon’s life, led by a procession of first responders that traversed from Davenport to Spokane on a Wednesday morning. The outpouring of support and respect for Deputy Mallon during this solemn journey was a testament to the impact he had on his community.

Luke Mallon was known as a gentle giant a man of immense strength, both in character and compassion. He carried out his duties as a sheriff’s deputy with the utmost respect, always extending empathy to those in need. He believed in preserving the dignity of every individual he encountered. Above all, Luke was a loving father who cherished his two little girls deeply. His untimely passing leaves a void that words cannot fill, and his mother-in-law, Rhonda Rogers Christian, expressed the profound grief his family is experiencing. She emphasized that it will indeed take a village to look after Luke’s young daughters in his absence. Among the many in this village is Sean Davis, a close friend of Luke for over 13 years. Their friendship began in 2010 during their training at the Parks Law Enforcement Academy. After their training and brief service at Yellowstone National Park, Luke dedicated nine years of his life to serving the Lincoln County community as a sheriff’s deputy.

Sean Davis spoke of Luke’s unwavering commitment to his role, emphasizing his deep sense of pride, honor, and moral integrity. Luke’s impact on the community was evident through the presence of numerous first responders who joined the procession, paying their respects to a fellow officer who served with dedication and distinction. In times of loss, the law enforcement community often speaks of the “thin blue line.” This line symbolizes the bond that unites officers and their unwavering commitment to serve and protect. Despite the challenges and hardships, this line remains unbroken. Deputy Luke Mallon’s passing has only strengthened the resolve of this close-knit community to support one another and honor the legacy of a man who exemplified the very best qualities of a law enforcement officer and a true servant of the people.

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