Lisa DelGuzzi Obituary, Helping Christine Raise Funds for Her Mother’s Funeral

Lisa DelGuzzi Obituary, Death Cause – Hi, my name is Christine, and I find myself in a difficult situation that no one ever anticipates – I am raising funds for my mother’s funeral. My dad has been courageously battling cancer for the past seven years, and unfortunately, there are no life insurance benefits to assist with the expenses. My mother, Lisa, was an incredible woman. She was not only loving but also incredibly hardworking. She possessed a heart that would do anything for anyone in need. Her love extended beyond our family to embrace her grandchildren, and her presence in our lives was a source of immeasurable joy and support.

The sudden and unexpected loss of my mother has left us all deeply saddened and emotionally overwhelmed. Coping with the grief of her passing while navigating the financial challenges of arranging her funeral has been an incredibly daunting task. We are reaching out to our community and anyone willing to lend a helping hand during this challenging time. Any assistance, whether big or small, would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in ensuring that my mother receives the farewell she deserves. Your generosity would not only alleviate the financial burden on our family but also serve as a testament to the kindness and compassion that exists in our community.

Every contribution brings us one step closer to giving Lisa the dignified farewell she deserves. In times of loss and sorrow, the support of our friends, family, and community means more than words can express. If you can help in any way, it would be a tremendous blessing. Your generosity will forever be remembered, and it will make a profound difference in our lives during this challenging period. Your kindness will help us honor the memory of a truly remarkable woman, my mother, Lisa, whose love and warmth will continue to live on in our hearts. Thank you for your consideration and support during this difficult time. GoFundMe

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