John Fisher Obituary, Remembering A Racing Legend

John Fisher Obituary, Death Cause – I was devastated to learn last Sunday that John Fisher, who had been my closest friend since elementary school, had died. My life and the drag racing community have been left with an unfillable hole as a result of John’s departure. John and I developed an unshakable relationship as we followed our mutual passion for speed and competition from the late 1970s to the early 2000s. John was a toolmaker by trade, and our drag racing teams benefited greatly from his engineering expertise. John’s skills were a key factor in our success on the track, whether they were used to create unique engine components or optimize our cars for performance.

Everyone in our racing world respected and admired him for his unwavering commitment and attention to detail. John, however, was more than simply a talented engineer; he was also a close friend with a contagious sense of humor and an unflappable spirit. He had a positive approach despite difficulties and setbacks, which motivated us all. I am reminded of the numerous hours we spent in the garage, the excitement of victory,

and the camaraderie of our racing family when I think back on the countless memories we made together. John Fisher will always be regarded as the driving force behind all of our racing efforts. Even though John has physically passed away from us, his legacy endures in every race car component we created together, in every triumph we celebrated, and in the strong friendships he fostered. My beloved friend, rest in peace till we cross paths once more on the heavenly racetrack. Just as you did in life, your memory will always ignite our enthusiasm for speed and competition.

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