Joe Raggett Obituary,

Joe Raggett Obituary, Death Cause – As many of you may already be aware, Joe Raggett, our adored father and Mum’s loving husband and best friend, passed away peacefully on Monday. We gather to honor his extraordinary life with heavy hearts because, as Dad would frequently say, “the more, the merrier.” We cordially ask everyone who knew and loved Joe to be with us at the Canley Crematorium on Thursday, September 28th, at 1:30 pm. We will gather here to pay our respects, share special memories, and find comfort in one another’s company. We respectfully ask that you join us at the Potters Green Club to continue Joe’s life celebration after the service.

We can remember the amazing guy he was, the lives he affected, and the love he offered in these times of community. Those of you who knew Joe well will recall his steadfast devotion to the Coventry City Football Club. We cordially encourage you to don the sky blue army colors in remembrance of his unwavering devotion to his beloved squad. It is a modest act, yet it conveys a great deal about how deeply he cared about the things he cherished.

Let’s not just lament Joe’s passing as we assemble to commemorate him; instead, let’s celebrate the extraordinary life he led. We will always have a particular place in our hearts for Joe Raggett, and on this day, we’ll make sure that his memory endures via the tales we tell, the giggles we make, and the love we keep on giving. We appreciate your involvement in Joe’s life and your presence at this memorial service for a life well lived.

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