Here are a few reasons why Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling should play Barbie and Ken

Margot Robbie has constantly shown her versatility, much like a particular 12-inch-tall fashion doll that originally entered popular culture in 1959 and has since remained there. Originally designed as a beach toy, Barbie has developed into a doctor, businessperson, rock star, astronaut, and president who appeals to people of all ages, including those who have never owned one of the more than a billion Barbies sold. She now drives a convertible and has a DreamHouse.

She’s been around long enough to be annoying and inspiring, but she still manages to be physically demanding, look impeccable dressed (apart from the time you played hair stylist with actual scissors), and have a happy single life. She also has a movie of her own, whose recognizable pink box says everything said before is explained. Robbie addressed Keltie Knight, the president and CEO of E! News, saying:

The goal is for you to reflect on life, what it means to be alive, and how challenging yet gratifying it is by the end of it. Thus, despite its beauty and glitz, Barbie is a little more cerebral than your average summer popcorn movie. It does, according to Robbie, have some deeply affecting moments.

This is uncommon for Barbie because she rarely cries. Barbie also needed someone to play Ken, her similarly fun-loving and fit yet gelded fiancĂ© who, to be honest, has no idea what spending the night together would accomplish. In addition to finding the right actor to play the titular role, Barbie also needed someone to play Ken. Without it, the film wouldn’t have had a chance, much less get to experience the almost hysterical anticipation prior to its July 21 release.

The film’s eventual release was made possible by the risk-taking producers Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who is well-known for “Hey, Barbie.” Margot and Ryan are undoubtedly what you picture when you think of Barbie and Ken, claims Simu Liu, who plays one of the many Kens that walk Barbieland in the movie.

According to the claim, they “truly embody Barbie and Ken’s energy.” Despite their physical appeal and two Oscar nods, the co-stars’ willingness to go where writer-director Greta Gerwig wanted to take them was essential in revealing the humanity hidden in the plastic. Gosling praised Robbie, saying, “It’s so moving, people are not prepared for her performance.” They’ll cry because it’s so sincere.

He made a self-deprecating joke and said, “I Ken’d as hard as I could, that’s all I can say.” Thoughts for a movie based on the well-known toy from Mattel came and went, but the definition of “Barbie-ing” or “Ken-ing” eluded researchers for many years. When Sony’s option on playing the iconic role with the scythe-footed feet ended in 2018 and the rights to everything Barbie owned returned to her parent business, Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway were also vying to play the legendary role.

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