Harold Burton Obituary, A Remarkable Life Remembered

Harold Burton Obituary, A Remarkable Life Remembered

Harold Burton Obituary, Death Cause – Dr. Harold F. Burton, who was born in Monkton, Maryland, on August 29, 1921, passed away in a calm and serene manner on August 31, 2023. His life is remembered with great fervor as one who was devoted to his family, dedicated to his work as a veterinarian, and accomplished as a scholar. His life was defined by unflinching service and a warm, genuine attitude. Harold is survived by his loyal children Barbara Abott (Glenn), Paul Burton, Trish Burton-Bowden (Gary), and Russell Burton (Debbie), as well as his adored granddaughters Julia, Emory, and Elise. He was married to Betty Burton (née Duval) for 76 years.

Harold attained multiple doctorates, owned and managed Towson Veterinary Hospital for more than three decades, and was a product of both a never-ending thirst for knowledge and an intuitive fondness for animals. He was a revered figure and a source of comfort not just to pets but also to pet owners who looked up to him for his limitless knowledge and loving care. He was a source of comfort not only to pets but also to pet owners. The sweet legacy of love, dedication, and commitment that Harold has left behind for future generations will continue to inspire them. His legacy will continue on in all of the people whose lives he changed and in the caring profession that he pursued with an incredible amount of passion.

At the Funeral Service that will be held in honor of Harold and celebration of his life on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 11:00 am at Evans Life Celebration Home, located at 16924 York Rd., family and friends will pay tribute to Harold and commemorate his life. Immediately after the meeting, there will be a luncheon at The Gunpowder Room, which is located at the Hereford Volunteer Fire Department at 510 Monkton Road.

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