Ercelle Thomas Obituary, A Life Lived With Passion And Purpose

Ercelle Thomas Obituary, A Life Lived With Passion And Purpose

Ercelle Thomas Obituary, Death Cause – Sis. Ercelle John-Thomas was a treasured former volunteer for the GECCU, and the news of her departure has left the family and friends of the credit union inconsolable. Together with her substantial contributions, her steadfast passion and dedication to our credit union have left an unforgettable impression on our business. In September of 2000, Sister Ercelle John-Thomas became a member of the GECCU Credit Committee and thus began her journey with the cooperative. She served with honesty, dedication, and a profound awareness of her mission for a period of seven years.

Her devotion to the movement of cooperative economics and her dedication to assisting the members of our organization enjoy healthy financial lives shone through in every choice that she made. Sister John-Thomas continued to provide support for GECCU in a variety of different positions even after her time serving on the Credit Committee came to an end in May of 2007. When she gladly assisted in reviewing the minutes and reports from our credit union’s Annual General Meetings, her experience as a former educator showed through, demonstrating its value. The legacy left by Sister Ercelle John-Thomas is one that will go on well beyond the confines of our credit union.

She had a profound effect on the lives of a countless number of people and left a legacy of lasting change wherever she went. Today, we recognize her selfless nature and want to convey our profound gratitude to her for the unwavering commitment she has shown to this venerable organization. As we say our goodbyes to a real pioneer in the field of credit unions, we take solace in the fact that her contributions will always be a part of GECCU and will live on in our memories. I pray that the flame of her remembrance burns brightly for all time, and that her spirit rests in perfect tranquility.

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