Ed Hudak Obituary, Ed Hudak Has Pased Away

Ed Hudak Obituary, Death Cause – Ed Hudak served the community as a firefighter and was a lifelong member of the organization. His passing is something that we are forced to come to terms with and accept with as much sorrow and remorse as is humanly possible. It would be a significant understatement of the situation to argue that this one person was responsible for the changes that occurred throughout the entire field of firefighting. Because he participated in all of the activities that were held by our fire company and offered his services on a consistent basis, it was obvious that he had a considerable degree of dedication to the organization.

Eddie was a retired sheriff of Cambria County, a former supervisor of Summerhill Township, a board member of the Forest Hills School District, a huge PITT fan (still don’t know why but had to for Eddie), and I’m sure there are many more things that aren’t stated about Eddie either. Eddie was a former president of the Cambria County Firemen’s Association. He was also a former supervisor of Summerhill Township. Eddie had also served in the role of supervisor for Summerhill Twp in the past. Eddie passed away in 2014 after a courageous fight against cancer. Eddie will be greatly missed once he has passed away since it is abundantly clear that he committed his entire life to working toward the betterment of the community and because of this, he will be deeply lamented.

In your prayers, please remember his family, friends, and the entire community of firemen, as well as anybody else he has influenced in any way. Please also remember to pray for the entire community of firefighters. He will be sorely missed by everyone. I would like to take this time to thank you, Eddie, for everything that you have done for me, especially the love, kindness, and service that you have provided over the course of the years. I hope that you will accept my gratitude. From this point forward, both you and I are going to be responsible for everything on our own, guy!!!!!

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