Denzil Connick Obituary, Denzil Connick Has Pased Away

Denzil Connick Obituary, Death Cause – The news of Blesma Member Denzil Connick’s passing has left us with disbelief and sorrow. The veteran of the conflict in the Falkland Islands went suddenly three months after being awarded the British Empire Medal at the age of 66. At the age of 15, Denzil enlisted in the Army as a Junior Leader, and he spent the next 12 years serving with the 3rd Parachute Regiment. Denzil’s service in the Falklands War resulted in the amputation of his left leg at the hip when he was 25 years old. I was hit by a 120mm mortar while I was walking down a sheep track.

It completely severed my left leg and mangled my right one in the process. The other soldier who I was with passed away as a result of his injuries. After receiving treatment that could have saved my life at the site, I was transported to a field hospital at Fitzroy Cove, where I experienced a heart attack due to the significant amount of blood that I had lost. However, the surgeons were able to preserve me, and they took me to the hospital ship SS Uganda,

where I remained for a period of four weeks before being brought back to the United Kingdom. Denzil was honored with the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his contributions to the community of military veterans and their families through his work as a co-founder of the South Atlantic Medal Association. The family and friends of Denzil have our sincere condolences in their time of loss. May your soul find rest.

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