Denise Ballard Obituary, Denise Ballard Has Passed Away

Denise Ballard Obituary, Death Cause – I apologize for the lengthy article, but my heart is broken when my Aunti Denise Ballard gained her wings on Tuesday. 🕊️ When my dad (her brother) Kenneth Parker died when I was in 7th grade and my sister was 3 years old, she made sure I and my sister Tha’Wann Parker Mallard were always included and stayed close to the Parker side even though we lived miles apart. That’s why I still have a close relationship with my cousins De’Angela Ballard even though we live miles apart. James Ballard Mya Baker Ali Howard Don’t play about my cousins  Kirk Momon is unique.

My aunti neicey convened a Parker family gathering to discuss how they would help me raise my sister after my mom died. Aunts and uncle Sonny assisted me organize graduation open houses for my sister in high school and college, and if I needed anything, they were there! During my 20s, I worked at Lake Shore Dunes and spent a lot of time with my aunti. When she became ill again, I met with my sister and made plans to visit her.

We spent Mothers Day 2023 in Atlanta and spent hours talking with her. I don’t need praise for anything I’ve done because my aunti neicey was my #1 cheerleader. She poured love and inspirational words into me on a regular basis. I’ve shared only some of her text messages telling me how proud she was of me. Aunti Enjoy your rest, and know that I am honored to be your niece. To my cousins, know that I have you I’m sad.Rest in peace Aunti Neicey.

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