David Crowther Obituary, Orlando FL David Crowther Has Passed Away

David Crowther Obituary, Orlando FL David Crowther Has Passed Away

David Crowther Obituary, Death Cause – The online obituary database provided by Legacy has a comprehensive collection of obituaries, death notices, and funeral service details pertaining to 27 individuals bearing the name David Crowther. These records have been sourced from a multitude of prominent funeral homes and newspapers across the globe, representing a substantial and diverse compilation. Our search engine offers various options for refining your search criteria, such as specifying the David you are seeking by their first name, last name, location, funeral home, publication, and other relevant factors. David Crowther, a former resident of Pleasantville, Pennsylvania, was born on October 12, 1946 and passed away on September 17, 2022. The individual passed away in a tranquil manner at their cherished residence in Laurel Hill, Florida, in the presence of their close companion, neighbor, and carer, Todd Tucker.

The individual in question was born to Richard Paul Crowther and Frances V. Spangler Crowther. Initially, he was the sole kid in the family until the age of 11, at which point he gained a sister named Amy. Two years subsequent to this, he also got a brother named Joe. During his childhood, Dave shown a strong affinity for scouts, animals, baseball, and automobiles. During his time in high school, he exhibited exceptional skills on the basketball court, garnering significant attention. Additionally, he gained a reputation as a charismatic individual, captivating the hearts of many young women, ultimately earning the esteemed title of homecoming king in the year 1964. Moreover, his exceptional talent in baseball led to his being actively pursued by the Philadelphia Phillies, until his plans were disrupted by his enlistment in the Navy following his draft. The individual in question has fulfilled duties as a jet mechanic and helicopter flight recorder in Vietnam and Thailand.

During his time stationed in San Diego, California, he experienced a severe automobile accident that posed a significant threat to his life. However, he attributes his survival to the act of prayer and the benevolence of a higher power, allowing him to reunite with his affectionate family. The individual in question shown qualities of pride, affection, and encouragement in his role as the father of Leslie Richard Crowther and Teresa Sue Crowther. Dave made the decision to reside in Florida due to his aversion towards winter. In 2002, the individual entered into matrimony with Barbara Gates, a resident of Milton, Florida. Throughout their marriage, the individual exhibited affectionate and compassionate qualities until the unfortunate passing of Barbara Gates in 2015. Dave exhibited a profound devotion to his religious beliefs, demonstrating a strong sense of altruism and compassion towards others.

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