Dave Southon Obituary, A Tribute To A Sailing Legend

Dave Southon Obituary, Death Cause – I’m sorry to be the bearer of such awful news, but I found out yesterday evening that Captain Dave Southon had gone away very recently, just a few days after celebrating his 84th birthday. When I think back to the time I spent sailing with Dave, I can’t help but smile; he was a genuinely nice guy. Dave Southon was more than just a seafarer; he was a hero to those who sailed the high seas. His expertise was unmatched, and his enthusiasm for sailing was contagious to all around him. Dave, who was born in 1939, spent his whole life working in the marine industry,

and as a result, he left an unforgettable imprint on everyone who had the luxury of knowing him. On board the Irving Primrose, I had the privilege of sailing with Dave, and I will always treasure the moments we made together. His leadership was rock-solid, and the depth of his oceanic expertise was quite unfathomable. Because Dave always kept a level head and wore a friendly smile, each journey will live long in the memory. Dave’s passion for the sea didn’t stop at the deck; it extended much beyond. It is clear from the numerous images that depict him and his wife spending time together that the two of them had a profound affinity for the ocean.

Their love story was entwined with their shared passion for sailing throughout its entirety. It is important to consider the legacy that Dave Southon leaves behind while we wait for the official announcement of his passing. Everyone who had the opportunity to go sailing with him remembers him not only as a skipper but also as a guide, a friend, and a source of motivation. I hope you enjoy the following seas and winds, Captain Dave. You will be greatly missed, but the memory of your spirit will live on in our hearts for all time.

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