Cottey Greene Obituary, An Adventure-Filled Life

Cottey Greene Obituary, Death Cause – On September 6, 2023, a strong-willed woman from Idaho Falls named Cottey Greene passed away in the company of her loved ones. She passed away at the age of 59, leaving behind a legacy of unflinching courage and an unbreakable spirit that touched everyone she knew. Cottey’s path was characterized by her courageous and tenacious fight against cancer, in which she continually defied the odds. Throughout her difficult journey, Cottey’s family, especially her dedicated daughter Tyler Marie, and the kind hospice staff at BRiO Healthcare, gave her love and care. Their unflinching support was proof of the strength of family ties.

Cottey received excellent medical care from a group that included the Huntsman Cancer Institute and its affiliates, Lesly Goulding, Dr. Hansen, and Dr. Patel. Her family will always be grateful to them for the dedication and competence that gave her hope and comfort during her darkest moments. Cottey Greene’s life served as evidence of her passion for exploration and the great outdoors. She asked that there be no funeral services as part of her last wishes. She urged everyone to live life to the fullest and start their own journeys in order to respect her legacy. It serves as a moving reminder that life is a priceless gift that deserves to be treasured and embraced.

The devoted children and grandchildren of Cottey will continue on her legacy by emulating her unfailing spirit of love and resilience. As we say goodbye to Cottey Greene, we think of her as a pillar of courage and a supporter of a life well-lived. Not in sadness, but in the exciting activities and priceless memories that her friends and family will make in her honor, her legacy endures.

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