Brian Laycock Obituary, Brian Laycock Has Passed Away

Brian Laycock Obituary, Death Cause – There is absolutely no way to get ready for the death of a member of your family. The news that our much loved brother, son, and father Brian “BRIO” Laycock went away this morning has left all of us in utter disbelief. Over the course of several years, he has worked hard to conquer prostate cancer, which he has been afflicted with. He desired nothing more than to be able to watch his son Louis mature, to be there for his daughter Mia’s wedding, and to watch his son Tom succeed him in his business.= In typical fashion for Bri, he decided to leave us on the day that marked the anniversary of his entrance; today would have been his 55th birthday had he lived.

He was so witty and smart, and he was the most merciless with the banter. He was so courageous, determined, loyal, and honest (sometimes to the point of brutality), and even though he was often combative, we wouldn’t want anyone else by our side other than our brother. He would continue to battle and defend you to the very end of his life. On Friday, he put in some time at the Reminisce festival site, where he was doing what he does best: making a difference. He was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to construct the festival alongside his brothers, his friends, and his festival family.
This morning, Brio passed away while he was sleeping in a state of serenity.

His children and our beloved mother are all in mourning, and the rest of us just need some time to process everything that has happened. He will be missed very much by his family and friends. Kindly be patient with us. “Tua” Take it easy, Bro, your dad will be there to greet you with open arms when the time comes mate xx. Thank you, Gary and Steve, from the rest of the family

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