Barbara Bailey Obituary, A Tribute To A Creative Soul

Barbara Bailey Obituary, A Tribute To A Creative Soul

Barbara Bailey Obituary, Death Cause – My mother, Barbara Bailey, died away peacefully in the early hours of September 2nd. She was simply going about her daily routine. She napped, and while she was out, she escaped. Mom was a softie, but she could take a punch. I regret not fully appreciating her complexities at the time. For some reason, I bought into the myth that parents are automatically perfect. It took me 58 years, a closer look at my own flaws, and some failed attempts at parenthood, to realize what a treasure my mother was. Her generation made it more challenging for women to achieve their goals.

To “qualify” for this or that, we had to meet criteria that were numericly ranked from 1 to 10. The crown is yours to keep, or it isn’t. Mom was the first to do anything different. She refused to be grouped with those who celebrated men who subjugated women. She made up her own class, of which she was the undisputed monarch. To have so many co-rulers was a result of Mom’s open invitation. This is the world she did it in. In an elegant and refined manner that comes straight from the heart. She had faith in herself even when no one else did. She was kind to others since that’s how she hoped to be treated. An unbreakable rule for a flawless woman.

She always avoided retaliation, knowing that two wrongs cannot possibly constitute a right. She was happy, sad, laughing, smiling, and in pain. She was one of those lucky women who could turn adversity into opportunity. And then finds a way to improve it with a new recipe. She worked to unite and encourage other women, especially businesswomen. She was a great help in the areas of signups and expansion for multi-level marketing and new ventures. She was the best at making friends of anyone I’ve ever met, and she genuinely cared about each and every one.

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