Ate Cora Obituary, A Heartfelt Tribute To Our Beloved Matriarch

Ate Cora Obituary, Death Cause – There is a gap in the quiet places of our souls that words can never fully fill. As we say goodbye to Ate Cora, the matriarch of our community and a beloved mentor, we are overcome with grief and sorrow. We send Kuya Ces, Ivy, Irene, and the entire family our sincere compassion and condolences with sad hearts. Our sadness from Ate Cora’s demise is too great to fully convey. Her passing has left an irreparable stain on our souls. While we mourn her passing, we find comfort in the knowledge that Ate Cora is now at peace in the loving arms of our Almighty Father. Her generosity, kindness, and knowledge will always be a source of inspiration for us.

We were all very moved by Ate Cora’s contagious presence, and even now, in her absence, she continues to motivate us. Her house, where there was much music and laughing, will always have a special place in our hearts. The pictures from our most recent vacation in 2018, when we performed karaoke with pals, ring true as cherished memories. “Only You,” Ate Cora’s rendition of her favorite song, infused the space with happiness and tenderness. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to properly say goodbye to her or to show our gratitude for all of her generosity. Please know that Ate Cora will always be a source of love and inspiration in our hearts, wherever you may be.

We, the Joanne, Lan, and our family, join the Filipino community in honoring Ate Cora’s life and contributions during this difficult time. She may not be physically present with us anymore, but her memory will endure as a symbol of the enduring love and comradery that unites our neighborhood. Words may be inadequate, but our love for Ate Cora knows no limits. Her light will always shine brightly in our hearts, therefore may she rest in peace. My beloved Ate Cora, good bye. You won’t be forgotten, but you will be terribly missed.

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