Annette Burke Obituary, Annette Burke Has Died At Age 89

Annette Burke Obituary, Annette Burke Has Died At Age 89

Annette Burke Obituary, Death – Annette “Tater” Burke, who resided in Shelby Gap and passed away on September 3, 2023 at the age of 89, went away quietly in the comfort of her own home. She had been a resident of Shelby Gap for the most of her life. She considered Shelby Gap to be her home and lived there as a resident. She was the only child of Jeff Cantrell, who passed away, and Edna Baker Cantrell, who was born on November 11th, 1933. Edna Baker Cantrell had given birth to her daughter. On November 11th, 1933, Edna Baker Cantrell was brought into this world. Tater devoted her whole life to ensuring that her offspring, her grandchildren, and anybody else who stopped by her house had a hearty meal to eat before they departed.

She did this by preparing scrumptious dinners for all of them. This was something that she performed for each and every visitor that came to her house. If you were to ask anybody who knew her, they would tell you that she prepared the finest meals in the area, most notably the loveliest kraut and peanut butter buns, and if you did so, they would tell you that she was the best cook in the neighborhood. If you were to question anyone who was unfamiliar with her, they would respond by stating that she was not someone who prepared meals.

Her death was preceded by the demise of her husband, Lacy Carl Burke, as well as six of her brothers and three of her sisters. She was the last surviving member of her family. Jeff Burke, who lives in Pikeville, Roger Burke, who lives in Shelby Gap, and David Burke, who lives in Virgie are her and Lacy’s three sons. Additionally, they were blessed with four grandkids, including Randy (Kristy) Burke of Pikeville, Kristina Burke of Lexington, Cameron Burke of Shelby Gap, and Chelsea (Joshua) Green of Jonancy. In addition, she was the sister of Lorene Ramey and Barbara Watson, and the sister of Eddie Ray Cantrell, her only sibling.

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